2010 Collection- Barbie Romance Couture

Barbie never fades away in the bottom of every girl’s heart. This collection enables the bride to turn into a romance and elegant Barbie in the wedding day. Silhouettes range from simple and elegant gowns to delicate, seductive mermaids or graceful feather gown as well as dramatic haute couture with the touch of Swarovski crystals, ribbons, large bows, floating laces, and tulle. This is a collection full of romance, elegance and importance.

Glamour and elegance, a thought shared by Nigel Chia who lavishly sequined them all over the skirt of this strapless modified mermaid gown with combination of laces and chiffon.

Sexy and elegant, this high neck modified mermaid gown of French lace and chiffon with a drop waist and large bows waist band tinge with Swarovski crystals and fuse lace skirt would make any woman feel like a sexy goddess.

Playing Fairy Godmother once more Nigel Chia has created the Fairy Princess, a strapless drop-waist feathered ballgown with laced top and a Swarovski crystals belt that makes every little girl’s wedding dress dream come true.

Classically beautiful and understated, this Japanese silk Nigel Chia strapless soft A-line gown with a large bow embellishment and laced top would frame any bride beautifully.

Flirtatious and impossibly light looking, this tulle and French lace Nigel Chia gown with a strapless dropped waist ballgown structure, pleated origami empire line with Swarovski crystal embellishment and gathered tulle skirt is bound to be the dream dress for many a bride.

Freedom of movement and purity of line have always been hallmarks of Nigel Chia’s design and this chiffon and lace single strap dress with diamond embellishment at it’s empire waist is no exception to the rule with it’s fluid beauty.

Getting married in a short dress has been popular since Audrey Hepburn danced off into the sunset with Fred Astaire in Funny Face and Nigel Chia’s version is no less memorable. A high neck cocktail dress of satin-faced chiffon and sequin beading at the natural waist, this dress can go to City Hall or down an aisle with equal aplomb.

Dramatic and artistry never goes out of style in bridal haute couture and this Nigel Chia strapless modified A-line gown with corset silhouette and layers of tulle, 3 pairs of huge bow on the back detailing is the epitome of bridal haute couture.

My Barbie Family which have been accompany me through out my childhood.Many of my friends do not actually know that i spend most of my time with Barbie and Ken during my childhood, haha....i still can remember the 1st barbie of my life was bought on 1998,guess what? she is 12 years old now! They are my models since i know how to design n making dress, this Barbie Romance Collection is specially design for them since they really work hard for me without speaking a word,haha....opps...well they are just barbie,but they really help me to build up my dream. Beside my mom,i think they are the one who make me become what i am today...

Behind The Scene

It seemed easy to take a look on those design and photo, but it took me around 3 weeks to came out with this collection.From sketching the design, choosing fabric and material, patterning, sewing, hairstyling, prepare background set to photo shooting,it is all done by my own. But anyway, i enjoyed my 3 weeks of holiday rushing around in home form day until night! haha, this is called satisfaction you gain form doing things that u r passionate of. Here is a few picture of behind the scene of photo shooting, enjoy it!


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