Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub Review

 What they have to say about it:
  • Complex of key ingredients contains water from the hot spring concession located in the municipality of Abana Terme (Padua)
  • Helps optimize skin's elasticity for a more youthful appearance
  • Helps combat visible signs of aging such as the appearance of dull-looking skin
  • Formulated with key ingredients that are rich in mineral salts
  • Contains minerals of different particle size for dual rejuvenating and smoothing beauty action
  • Finer powders smooth skin and rough areas 
 My Review:
If you have been visiting my page for awhile then you know, I love scrubs. I also got my husband who isn't a product type of guy into using scrubs. So when I put this one in the shower, I was curious to see what he thought. We are in complete agreement that this scrub is amazing! 

I hope the pictures show you the amazing texture this scrub has. I hate getting a scrub that doesn't exfoliate, that is not the case with this product. Perlier has done it again, and I am in love with it. We have been using it for a few weeks now and honestly have not had any complaints. It has a nice scent, cleans and exfoliates, great scrub without grit or sharp pieces. It has a great consistency so you don't waste product when applying. If you are looking for a new scrub to try out this fall, when you need to get rid of dry skin consider this one!

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