Studio Gear Blush in Natural Peach Review and Photos!

I was lucky enough to receive this lovely set from Studio Gear, and I am so happy I did!

This is just one light swatch on the back of my hand. I am in love with this color for fall. I know a lot of people hear peach and think its a summer shade. This is a nice deep rich peach shade, that gives you the "I have a natural glow" look.  This has been great when I combined it with their CC cream, I could just run out the door. Expect reviews for everything you see pictured above, I just couldn't wait to talk about this blush.

You can easily layer over this with your favorite peach powdered blush, but its not necessary. I do not find this to be oily or greasy like some cream blushes. It gives a nice powdered finish so you can feel confident that it will stay on your face. Remember I have oily skin, and this has been staying on my cheeks with no problem.

Have you tried any of the cream blushes from Studio Gear? What is your favorite cream blush?

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