The Makeup Miser Review and Giveaway!

 3 Unique shapes and sizes to fit every container!
This is just a quick little demo of how to use the Makeup Miser. It helps you scoop the last bit of product from the container. Whether it's your favorite $40 foundation and you can see product but you can't get to it. Or it's your favorite skin serum and you just aren't ready to say goodbye, use the Makeup Up Miser to get to the bottom of it.

As a makeup artist this is great for scooping out product to put on my palette, to use the last of a product that I spent a lot of money on. I kept one for my own use and my favorite Lorac foundation is meeting it's final days and I am scooping it out with my Makeup Miser. They fit nicely in my brush roll so I can have them with my other tools of the trade. You would expect to pay so much more for product and the quality. 

I am so very grateful that Michelle the creator of The Makeup Miser has offered the readers of Crazy Beautiful Makeup a set of the Makeup Miser Tools! So whether you are a makeup artist, a makeup lover or just wanting to save money and not rush out and buy a new foundation I promise you will find these helpful.

To enter the giveaway there are no hoops to jump through, Michelle just asks you to leave a comment telling why you would like to try The Makeup Miser(be sure to include the name of the product in the comment so we can tell you read the review or at least this part hehe) That is all and I will pick a winner the good old fashioned way on Wednesday 2nd of October. So please leave your current contact information! 

It's not required but always appreciated if you check Michelle and the Makeup Miser out on


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