My Interview with You Tube's Jamie Barton

all photos were used with the permission of Jamie

1. Tell my readers a little bit about yourself!  
I guess lets start with my name Jamie Lyn my mom was going to name me Pebbles yes from the Flintstones ..THANK goodness she just went with Jamie but i guess with celebrities these days naming their kiddos after food i might fit in lol, I'm a mom to four I have a set of Identical twins Allision and Briana who will be 7 July 12 and Caitlyn 10 Benjamin 9 in September. Im Divorced,but I'm with a great guy who supports me in all aspects of my life.

2.Have you always been into makeup? Did your You Tube Channel and getting into that community make that love grow?  
My mom was a MaryKay sales Director she actually got to meet Marykay.. So my mom was a big influence on my love for makeup she would tell me that I would go to Rite Aid and pick out all sorts of funky nail polishes and bonnie bell. The love for makeup has grown since becoming a part of the YouTube community it can be a bad influence at times hence why I haul alot haha and I just LOVE all makeup in general~

3.Are you self taught as a makeup artist or did you attend school? 
 I am self taught with trial and error but I did go to beauty school they touched very light on the makeup part...I hated doing hair so i switched to become a nail tech. I have had lessons through MaryKay,MAC and I took an online course for the heck of it.

4.Where do you get inspiration from for your makeup looks? Your videos?
 I never really know what I'm going to do when I make a video I just kinda go with the flow. I will say when I first watched YouTube Gossmakeupartist was the one who I always watched..I even used him in my communication skill class in college people were so intrigued I got an A!

5. What are some of your holy grail makeup and beauty items?
 I love Laura Geller spackle I have gone through so many tubes of it it's unreal, I also love MAC radiant rose highlighting pen and Armani master corrector in #1 that stuff works! I love my MAC brushes they have been through alot and have stayed true to me so as a freelance makeup artist it was a good investment. LOVE my clarisonic and Marykay Skincare line!!

6.What's your favorite part of being apart of the You Tube beauty community? Is there something you wish you could change about it?
 You know I love to interact with my subscribers I feel that they are friends and most have stuck around since i started oh my YT anniversary is in a couple days! July 10th I think.. I really wish YouTube wasn't cliquey I feel sometimes when someone gets to be a superstar they once forget who they used to talk to I have promised myself no matter what I will always be humble no matter how many subscribers I have and if i go out of line someone better knock me out haha!

7.Where would you like to see yourself in the next few years? Your channel, your makeup career? 
Beauty related? 
With my YouTube channel I see it growing it might not grow overnight but that is okay I love making videos it's fun. I know I somehow will always be linked to makeup it's hard to say exactly where I will be but, I hope better than I am today.

8.Is there a celebrity that you would like to do a make over on?
 Jennifer Aniston! She is so pretty a gorgeous natural beauty... but I want to slap some bright colors on her haha!

9.What kind of music do you listen to when getting ready? 
I really love Maroon 5 so I'll blast them over and over and Britney c'mon we all love a little Brit here and there! :))

10.What can we expect from you in the future with your You tube channel? 
Is there anything we can look forward too? 
You can look forward to better quality videos I hope to someday get a better camera I was once told,"let youtube pay for that" but I probably will get a better camera either way...not that mine is bad I just want a blurry background haha I hope as I grow I can do giveaways with companies..I never want to be a infomercial, but I love to give

11.What made you decide to get into You tube and start a channel? Did someone inspire you or just your love of makeup? 
I ALWAYS wanted to but it started off with me posting videos to my facebook and friends liked them,at that time i only had an android phone so one day I was watching this GregoryGorgeous and he had a meet up, and in the moment it touched my heart that someone can make someone else feel so great, so i wanted to see if i could upload to YouTube and oh this is soooo hard for me to tell lol but i made a video and i was crying because i was so touched from that video and IT UPLOADED to YouTube i don't know how but it did and all of the sudden GiGi tweeted me and i got alot of hate and love i got a few subs and started from there.

12.Is there something about you that might surprise us? 
Something about you we might not know from watching your videos? I am an only child! and I know  I know it's bad but, I smoke cigs during the summertime I'M HUMAN not perfect and I will always be straight up... I'm also Bi-polar and take medications to control it.

13.Do you have any advice for people wanting to start a beauty or you tube channel? 
Just make one and look to see if someone will do a collab with you, I have been turned down many times but that's okay eventually I collabed awhile back

14. Who are some of your favorite people to watch on YT? Do you have any favorite beauty bloggers?
 I love the MMANDLSHOW, gossmakeupartist, Samantha Schuerman I won a giveaway from her last year that was fun. I like so many people especially the ones who aren't very popular they are more true in my eyes. Not saying big YouTubers aren't true but it's nice to watch the smaller ones if that makes any sense! I'm just getting into bloggers so I can't say for sure yet

15. Thank you so much Jamie for doing this interview with me! Is there anything else you would like to add?
I am so flattered and humbled that you asked me to do this interview with you it really made my day Thank you!!!

Jamie offers a lot to her You Tube subscribers, she is a talented makeup artist so you get the tips and tricks. The girl can shop like no one else, so watch out for her amazing hauls. She is genuine and you can believe that what she is telling you is her honest opinion. I am a huge fan and I was very happy that she took the time out to take part in my Interview Series!
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