Current Empties-Photos and Mini Reviews

1. Colgate Total Advanced Alcohol Free Mouthwash
2.Crest 3d white in Artic Fresh x2
3.Pssssst! Wavy Curly Hair Dry Shampoo
4,Dove Damage Therapy Extra Hold Hairspray
5.L'uvalla Eucalyptus Toner

1.Colgate Total Alcohol free Mouthwash-I was lucky enough to receive this from Influenster to review. I must say that it really works,left my mouth feeling fresh without the alcohol burn.

2.Crest 3d White in Artic Fresh I orginally bought because they were on sale at my local grocery store. However, I am 2 tubes down and starting my 3rd and can say I notice a difference. My teeth aren't blinding white but I have no surface stains and I drink a lot of coffee and tea. This keeps my mouth feeling clean,and breath fresh so I will repurchase for sure.

3.Pssst Dry Shampoo for curly/wavy hair- Is a great dry shampoo I got this one for wavy hair because my hair has a natural wave and I don't always want to straighten it. So this worked nice to give my roots a boost,and allowed me to still wear my hair down.

4.Dove Damage Therapy Hairspray- Has a great scent to it, has a nice hold without making my hair scrunchy. I love to use it when I wear my hair down with curls it holds the curl for hours.

5.L'uvalla Toner- is a must have for anyone who suffers from oily skin. I used this every night before bed after I washed my face. It helped keep the breakouts at bay and also helped tone down the oil.

Let me know what you have finished up recently!


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