Biotherm Aquasource for Dry Skin Review

What they say:
Our latest breakthrough, Biotherm's next generation AQUASOURCE formulation, delivers intense and long-lasting hydration. For plump and radiant looking skin. Discover the innovative gel texture of new AQUASOURCE. Now paraben free and mineral oil free. A fresh and creamy touch that melts on the skin to help awaken the senses every day. 

My Review:

It is everything I was hoping it would be, I put this on at night before bed. I have mentioned that I have combination skin, and this helps a lot. It makes my dry skin more soft, and my oily skin isn't worse because of it. I have tried a lot of moisturizers and they break me out, make me greasier, and my dry spots are still just that, very dry. This has a great technology that it has a cooling effect, I assume that's the gel technology. It just absorbs so nice into the skin and you can almost immediately feel a difference. I know this will be my go to winter moisturizer,  if it lasts me that long. There is a very pleasant scent it is not overwhelming or chemical. I think if you suffer from dry skin you Must have this in your skincare routine. 

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