Getting Back to Me-Healthy Living Update

I am back again, to talk a little bit about my lifestyle overhaul. Needless to say it didn't happen the way I had hoped it would. Our lives have been a windstorm of events and emotions and excuses. The junk food is easier and quicker, and that in return cause me to be slacking on my workouts. Just my everyday routine changed, and I haven noticed the weight I was so happy to lose almost 1.5yr ago has started to creep back on. Not all of it, but some of it and the jeans I wore last Fall do not fit the way they did back then. 

My goals are simple but they seem so un-graspable at times. If you have never struggled with weight, that may seem silly to you.  If you are wanting to join me on my lifestyle overhaul, please comment and let me know what you are doing!

1.Start taking afternoon walks again- Since our move we have nothing but beautiful countryside, and I know the dogs will appreciate a good long walk at night.

2.No More quick and easy food, prepping my food ahead of time will eliminate that!
3.Be a good example for a Healthy Vegan
4.Exercise 30-45min 3-4 days a week to start (not including my walks)
5.Love myself where I am, and where I am going weight wise!
6.Meditate a few times a week
7.Start doing Yoga again

These are just a few of my goals, and I know this is a beauty blog, but my definition of beauty starts from within. I will update from time to time as I notice changed,and when I try new things. 

Here is my current fitness inspiration Gisele Bundchen!

Gisele and her baby girl!

Before you head to the comment section and start screaming how unrealistic she is, I can understand that. However, she lives a healthy lifestyle she works out, plays sports,goes on hikes,bike rides, and she is never "bored" or just hanging out. When I lost the weight you wouldn't catch me idle either I was happy to be on the go. Now I am so busy, but I find time to sit in front of the TV so instead I can work out. She is a beautiful role model for healthy living, she meditates,does Yoga and takes nature Hikes. I am near 100's of hiking trails another big love of mine, and she appreciates life living it to the fullest. I guess being married to the sexiest man alive doesn't hurt either (don't worry my hubby has a man crush on Tom Brady he agrees with me hehe).

So join me on my journey to being a better healthier version of myself!


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