Makeup Love-Instagram Fun

I bought one of these snazzy makeup organizers and I filled it up already ! 
Just a few of my favorite shower products, what does your shower look like?
My Ipsy Bag for October!
My makeup vanity after getting ready, I shared this on instagram to find out it's actually a lot neater than most hehe
My Dollar Tree haul just a few fun things I found!
1.Skinny Girl Cosmetics Lip Plumper
2.They have a skincare line now and this it the Toner
3.Roller Clips for my velcro rollers
4.Glitz and Glam hair ties no more spending $10 at Sephora heh

I thought it would be fun to share some of my recent Beauty post from Instagram.  I clearly broke my beauty no buy at the Dollar Tree, but it was just the Dollar Tree hehe. I love instagram, so please come over and follow me. Leave your info in the comment section and I will follow you back!


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