This is how I roll..

I love being a makeup artist, but one thing that makes me happiest is this ZUCA Bag. What you cannot see from this picture is that the wheels light up when you roll the ZUCA. I know, don't be jealous I am pretty awesome.
Inside there are 4 clear zip up bags that I split up foundations/blush/bronzers/then the most loved eyeshadows. I then have 2 other clear bags that I bought elsewhere with fake lashes,glitter, and a bag of prep/clean up stuff. On the side in that white mesh,I keep face wipes and baby wipes. Then on the other side I keep my notebook with contracts,face charts,anything else you can think of.
The top of it can be used as a seat, so your model won't sit on the ground. Be prepared, noone wants to wait on you to figure it out!

You can find this very bag online for a range of prices. This is where I got the photo,and where you can find TONS of fabulous items.Most of which I do not have yet, but I am working on it ;)

I was thinking of starting a Makeup Artist Series on here, I can show you what's in my actual ZUCA. If anyone would be interested in that.

Note: I was not sent this item,I am not affiliated with this website, and lord knows I was not paid to say that!


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