Update on Drugstore Review

I posted a drugstore review in my last post about the Sally Hansen Color quick(click and go) nail polish. A little update I was sitting in the car this morning killing time before an appointment. I looked down and noticed I had forgotten to redo my nails, and they were that faded out blue. For some reason the Sally Hansen nail polish was in my purse. So I used it real quick and redid the polish before I had to go in.

Around lunch time I looked down at my nails to only see that 4 fingernails on one hand had almost completely rubbed off already.Two fingernails on the other hand were already gone. Although it was nice to have it right there in my purse, I am very upset about its staying power. If anyone else has tried it and enjoyed it, let me now. Maybe like I said because mine was on clearance it was just old.


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