A Tip from a Makeup Artist

I thought it might be fun to share a few tips for aspiring makeup artist out there. This will be my first of many to come.

1. Always be prepared,always be ready to sell yourself you are a walking model for your work. Sounds like common sense, but sometimes we forget or do not consider this to be THAT important.

Example: I went grocery shopping and when at the checkout the cashier stated how much she loved my eyeshadow. I went on to explain that I was a makeup artist, she told her manager who was close by who was needing a makeup artist for her wedding.There you have it, I gave her my card and then you have a new client.

So the importance of that story is, I was out for a day of running errands. However, I took pride in myself and did my hair and makeup and wear clean cute clothes. I wear all black if I do not feel like finding something to wear when I am  just running errands.

DO NOT go out in your pajama's I once had someone tell me she was a makeup artist. She had on flannel pajama's,dirty sneakers,no makeup on. Now if you are more of an all natural girl, that is fine, be a clean all natural girl.

Model's have to look a certain way,hair stylist have to have good hair,as a makeup artist, people want to see what they are getting. Be professional if you have any intentions of giving out your cards. You do not know who you will run into who may just be looking for a makeup artist.

I want you to be successful, and I hope this helps!
(if you look like the 3 models above in pajama's I think you can wear whatever you want hehe)


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