INTERVIEW / titania inglis

Overlay Peak Dress, cream

Fashion is the creative discipline which is most dedicated to time. Every designer has to create minimal two collections every year, irrelevant if it's needed, make sense or if there are customers outside which are able to pay for the pieces, which are produced under time and money pressure. This strategy get the terms rapidity, marketing and the hottest trends more important then the need of clothes. The most designers take care of these aspects. What's hot, what would sell during the next season, where could it be produced for low costs and what the best marketing strategy? So the most clothes are produced to sell quick and create after the season new space for new clothes.
But one designer has another opinion: Brooklyn based fashion designer Titania Inglis, who's last summer collection was discussed here, produce collections which are able to wear not only for one season. Her pieces are not devoted to the latest trend in fashion, she takes care that the clothes be wearable during summer and winter and could be worn during the day and also the night. She creates pieces for the everyday life.


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