Capri Clear Moisturizing Spray-100% Coconut Spray

1.9oz for $5.49 at Ulta and

This is a little gem I picked up at Ulta probably 2 months ago. I am a sucker for trying new skin products and I love coconut oil. The ingredients are simply coconut oil heh, easy enough. It is a gentle,natural moisturizer for sensitive and dry skin. It is also accepted by the National Eczema Society so if you are a sufferer this might work for you!

I have used pure coconut oil on my skin in the past and put it out in a little Tupperware or an old paint pot container and used it. This is nice because I can get out of the shower spray it in my hand rub it on my face,any left over just run through the ends of my hair. I know you are thinking I thought you had oily skin, but I have combination skin and acne prone. So my acne treatments dry out my skin so I like to put coconut oil on at night or in the morning and let it sit on my skin and moisturize it.

The spray is nice you can get just the right amount no wasting. This is very light weight and doesn't make me greasy or have any extra oil. If you are looking for something nice and natural to moisturize your skin with try this out. I also have been using it on my legs after I shave it's great right out of the shower just be careful not to get it in your tub or on the floor (slippery heheh).

Have you tried this? If you do let me know! I will continue to use both my jar of Coconut Oil and this because they both work great for me.


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