Face up time for Nigela

How can Nigela survive without face up? No doubt, she will be my 1st face up guinea pig, haha!

Check list :

1. Flat Clear Spray
2. Soft pastel
3. Acrylic paint
4. Brush
5. Gloss
6. Etc.

After half day of struggling, Nigela finally appeared as a sweet lady!

Adding eyelash time! i always love extremely long eyelashes but it seemed over the edge with it.....

so, I think it will be nicer by just adding some lashes on the corner of Nigela's eyes.

Face up DONE! Body blushing turn........

Oh my god, the nails are so small to paint on. But i make it eventually!

After spending a whole day of playing with paint and brush, Nigela looked great!

Photo, Face up by Nigel Chia

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