Hey, Stranger!

Sorry for my lack of posts lately! I have been working a lot and when I am not working painting faces, I am spending time getting ready for Christmas! I have been fighting off a head cold for the past week. I am trying every natural method known to man to beat this thing. So, when I was resting instead of taking pictures of products or doing blog post I watched hours of You Tube and Netflix streaming. 

I want to say thank you to everyone who continues to visit,email and all the amazing companies that are reaching out to me. I wish blogging was my full time job, but I am grateful that all of you still visit even when I go days without a new post. I promise next week there will be new reviews, and just some fun day in the life photos accumulated over months heh.

I promise that no store has been left untouched with my holiday preparation and will have lots of my own selfish hauling to do post about. I go into the mall for everyone on my list and find stuff for myself, that's just life I guess :)

Thanks again for all the love!

♥Heather aka Crazy,Beautiful Makeup 


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