Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation-Review

$38 for 1 ounce

I visit Sephora a lot and there are 2 that are near me so I switch between them. I visited one Sephora and they gave me 2 travel sized samples of this foundation in 2 shades. At this Sephora they told me I was a 2.0 and 3.0 and I bought my other goodies and was on my way. A week or so later I visited my other Sephora and they also gave me 2 travel sized samples in fancy little bottles. This Sephora gave me shades 1 and 2.

So after nearly 2 months trying to mix and match these shades, trying to find my shade I just cannot seem to do it. I am assuming first if you have pretty good skin to start with this foundation will be great for you. I have pigmentation issues,acne scars,and combination skin. Here is why the foundation did not work for me.

After only a few hours I noticed that it had started to disapear around my nose,and chin. It states that it gives a matte finish with a glow however I felt greasy not glowing. After six hours it had completely disapeared off my chin,nose and forehead. It was settling into my under eye area, and I just wanted to go home and wash my face.I also thought it was a runny consistency, and just did not like the feel of the product all together. If it was in the pump bottle I would mindful not to waste it, with it being so runny.

I used the same moisturizer and primer that I do with every other foundation so they were not the issue. However, like I stated if you have good skin, and just want something to help give you a "doll" appearance I am sure this will work for you. I will be on the search for my Holy Grail foundation because I am always onto the next big thing :)

Tell me have you tried this? Do you have a suggestion for me trying to apply it a different way?


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