Skyn Iceland-Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

8 pairs of eye gels-de puffs in 10 minutes
They come in individual little packets so you can take them with you!

$30 for 8 pairs

I was lucky enough to receive these eye gels from Skyn Iceland to review. I keep odd hours,and sometimes I stay up late and get a call that I am needed early in the am. So I do not want to be that makeup artist with puffy eyes. Especially when people are depending on you to make them look good, you don't want to look a hot mess.

I must say that these little gel pads work, I mean I get up and put these things on my face. I make coffee,get breakfast going or a bagel tossed into a toaster and then it's time to take them off. My eyes are not puffy,it's easier to get makeup on because they are not swollen. If you suffer from puffy eyes often or just need these when you travel. 

At first I thought whoa $30 for 8 pairs of these is a little pricey. However, they work and are worth it. Nothing that I have tried works as well, now if I had the time cutting a cucumber and laying around with them on my eyes would work too. However, like someone once said "Ain't nobody got time for that"

Have you tried these? What works for your puffy eyes?

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