Operation Shop My Stash and De-Cluttering My Collection!

Once upon a time a long long time ago, in the 1980's was a little girl who use to carry a caboodle's full of Cover girl makeup and a Sassy magazine.

Anyone remember these babies?

However, over the years my love of makeup went from a lover to a collector with a tinge of obsessive collecting. I've never been one to waste anything, I got out of my way to recycle and to not use products that will end up in a landfill. However, having makeup that is pretty but is not going to get used is wasteful and I don't like having it take up space to just be pretty, there's only room for me to do that :)
One of many boxes of makeup that has no home

So the point of my blog is to say that I am going to TRY and not buy anything until I use up products. I am going to shop my stash, and stop buying something to only forget about it, because I bought something else the next week or next day and never use those items. I have been considering this for awhile but something happened that made me realize how ungrateful or whatever you want to call it I am.

My hubby went out of town for a few days and was getting out luggage. He opened up the luggage and said are you missing a makeup bag? No, I haven't used that bag in over a year I said oh so confident. Well he handed me the makeup bag and it was full of MAC makeup. I am not saying 1 or 2 items, but 6 MAC face and eye products and 2 lippies. That I have not missed or looked for or even crossed my mind in over a year. The bad thing about that is I remember when I first started buying MAC how I held onto it like it was Gold. Now, apparently I buy so much junk that I am not appreciating all that I have.

It's hard as a makeup artist to not want to try out new products for clients. It would be different if buying all this was actually for clients. My kit is actually pretty modest and I know what works and what they like. I have 75 nail polishes and I paint my nails the same 5 colors. I have 8 unused conditioners,12 shampoos,5 dry shampoos and TONS of face,body,hair,teeth,lip, products that are just sitting there in my beauty closet. Most are sadly unused or used once and replaced by the next shiny object. 

So I am not going on a No Buy because I am who I am, and I will buy stuff. However, I am decided on what to do whether to sell it, donate it, or do a giveaway with the unused still in the packaged makeup. I am however going to do my best to have an empties post next month. I want to find that joy in makeup again. 

It's easy for me to blame you tube and blogs for my obsession. I know there are a lot of people with more and are completely happy with that. I want to declutter,and use what I have and if I don't use it I need to get rid of it. This will be ongoing, I am trying to decide how to share my updates with you. I am actually embarrassed to show you, but maybe that's what I need to do, shame myself into it :)


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