Relogy- Natural Acne Treatment

A natural 3 step system to help cure your acne! Natural and Cruelty Free

Step 1 Foam Face Wash

Step 2 Balancing Lotion
 Step 3 Is a Roll On Spot Treatment

I received this from the new Ifabbo Shop and boy am I glad that I did. I have recently been trying out new foundations and finding out very quickly which ones break me out. So when this came in the mail my skin was not in its best condition. I used this the first night I got it and must say I did see a difference after a few nights of use. If you suffer from zits or if you have breakouts that are from a new foundation this will help.

I however, did not notice a difference in my acne and cystic acne but that is something that will not just go away after a few uses. If you just have occasional breakouts, then I think you will truly enjoy this product. I do not have all the little bumps that show up on occasion either. 

Relogy is offering a great deal on their product $49.95 for 60 day supply plus free shipping!

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