Trader Joe's Enrich Face Moisturizer

$3.99 at your local Trader Joe's

Has a nice thin consistency but still gives your skin adequate moisture.

I was using another face moisturizer throughout the winter and realized that I needed a new lightweight one for spring and summer. I wanted a moisturizer  with a little bit of SPF but also natural and something that wouldn't break me out. I have tried a lot of drugstore moisturizers that break me out after just using them a few times. This product has been working great for me and so far no complaints. Or should I say so far, no new breakouts!

It does not have that artificial SPF scent, which is something I wanted to avoid. It also doesn't leave a film on your skin like some face products that contain SPF will. You cannot beat the price for $4 it truly does work amazing. I have noticed there are a few other beauty products at Trader Joe's that I will be trying out very soon. I don't use all natural products but I am trying to make the switch when I run out of other products.

Have you tried this moisturizer? What's your favorite for the hot weather?


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