Two Weeks Into My No Buy May!

As you know if you follow my blog I declared a no buy for the month of May now with 2 weeks left I wanted to do an update. I have not bought any makeup, I purchased 1 face moisturizer from Trader Joe's for $3.99 because it had a natural spf in it. However, no makeup has been purchased and I really have no had any trouble sticking to it. I realize how much I really do have and all the things I don't really need.

Oddly enough I have been reading more,taking the dogs on longer walks and trying new recipes so I may have to go shopping for new clothes when I lose some weight haha *A girl can wish*

Here is my only empty 2 weeks in

Maybelline Baby Lips in Clear

I love the Maybelline Baby Lips and declared my love at Christmas to anyone who had ears. So I got several 2 packs that Target had. So I don't need any new Baby Lips but I do enjoy these. This one is great because you can reapply as much as you want without worry that its transferring onto your teeth or off your lips. 

I am going to attempt to do the No Buy for 3 weeks until I go shopping in Atlanta for my birthday. So tell me have you been sticking to your no buy? 


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