Urban Decay bought by L'oreal

As most of you know Urban Decay gave us a big scare a few months back by considering to sell in China which meant Animal Testing. Then they decided they were not going to sell in China and beauty lovers everywhere rejoiced. From reading the article it says as far back as August, Urban Decay new they were going to be bought out by someone. So all of this we are not going to see in China talk in July was always going to be temporary for them. 

However, I am saddened this morning to get a notification in my email that L'oreal bought Urban Decay for 300 million dollars. In the article it stated that Urban Decay will now be sold internationally.Which means they will now no longer be cruelty free.No more Vegan palettes or Vegan products because it won't be vegan friendly to test on animals. L'oreal already owns Maybelline, Lancome and Clarisonic which we already knew were not cruelty free. They also own The Body Shop which remain cruelty free so we can only hope that Urban Decay will stay that way as well. 

I am not a cruelty free blogger, however I am a vegan and 95% of everything I buy not just cosmetics is purchased with a conscious effort. What do you think about this news? Will you continue to buy from them? How will this affect you buying the new Naked Palette coming out at the end of November?


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