Beauty Mark Organics Review and Photos!

Beauty Mark Organics-100% Organic, Natural and Paraben Free
"Finding the essence of beauty from the inside out"

Wow, is the best way to describe this body polish! First let me tell you that the scent is perfect, I did not know what to expect. It has a light hint of rose and a very strong Cinnamon aroma. It not only smells great but it really exfoliates the skin this is from the walnut shells. It is very gentle and did not irritate me at all, but it really strips the dead skin so I could apply fake tanner.

I hate when I buy body butters and they are not thick at all, or its too thick and doesn't leave your skin feeling luxurious. That is not the case with this Carrot and Mango Body Butter, it was the perfect blend of thick and moisturizing. The scent was amazing as well you can tell that its made from pure organic materials because it the scent is so clean there is nothing artificial about it.

This cream cleanser smells so nice, the scent is subtle but you it still lingers once you are out of the shower. It has a hint of orange but I definitely pick up on the lime a lot more. It has a great consistency so it doesn't just disappear in my loofah, I can work it into a good lather. It cleanses and doesn't dry out the skin plus it's organic and you cannot ask for more than that! Plus the Vitamin C in this cleanser will help protect against UV Rays that cause skin damage and aging.

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