Elf Saddle Shadow Dupe for Nars Fez Shadow

Nars Shadow in Fez $24 at Sephora and Elf Shadow in Saddle $3 at Target and ELF.COM

You may look at these and think, no they are not a dupe someone tell her she needs glasses. However, if you see the swatches once they are on the skin and blended out they are pretty identical!
Can you tell if I flipped the image on you or not? Of course Nars is like butter goes on this shade the first swatch. ELF held its own with 2 swatches which is pretty good for $3. This is also without primer and without wetting either one also just right out of the packaging.
They are as photograpphed above Nars and then ELF but I wanted you to really think if you were being brand loyal and automatically saying NARS IS BETTER heheh. I use to do dupe posts a lot and I got a lovely email from a reader asking why I don't talk about ELF anymore. So this is for you, and I am going to go online and place an order so I can continue to post about what my readers like!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and just know that there are quality drugstore items out there. Once the product is on your eye noone knows if it's $24 or not it's all about application! I love being able to share good dupes with you!

Do you own these shadows? Do you think they are a good dupe?


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