Perlier Crackling Ice Body Water Review and Photos!

 Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water Lemon Scented
by Perlier

5oz for $24.50 at

What they say about the Crackling Water
  • Sparkling and crisp
  • Moisturizes and refreshes in one step
  • Makes your skin pleasantly smooth and scented
  • Crackles when applying to skin
  • Provides sudden and strong cooling effect
  • Formulated with food ingredients, just like a true fruit sorbet
  • Fresh and light texture gives a sorbet-like effect on the skin
  • Made in Italy

Keep it in the fridge next to the Coconut Milk and Coconut Water hehe

This is something completely new and unique and it's been really fun trying out. I first tried it out on my hand when I first got it and it was a fun crackle and had a refreshing scent. Then after reading it I noticed that you were suppose to put it in the fridge and apply after being in the sun or on a hot day.

So after my hubby did crossfit I stopped him and said try this and tell me what you think. He is not opposed to being my guinea pig so he didn't ask questions. He said it wasn't sticky, and had a nice cooling effect. He thought it was food when he saw it in our fridge, so he was confused by me having him use it on his body.

It is quiet nice and has a great cooling/crackling effect that's hard to describe. This is something that would be nice to give to someone as a gift, but it's not something you are gonna use everyday. However, if you are like me I hate applying thick, heavy lotions in the summer so this is a nice alternative. You get the moisturized feeling without feeling like you have product all over you. 

These are 2 pictures I tried to capture so you could see the "crackling" effect. They look weird because of being lemon and the crackling but you can get the general idea.

It just disappears into your skin, and leaves no residue!


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