INTERVIEW / lina marie köppen

Learn to unlearn, Product Design

Design is more than just a unnecessary beautification of a surface, it surrounds us in our whole environment and life. Every tool we use, every car we drive, every book we read is created by a designer, but we perceive all this things subconscious, ignore them or rail against the visual cacophony of our environment. Because of this fact we see design more as a disruption of our every day life, but the perfect surfaces create also a better awareness for the non perfection of our surrounding.

But one designer shows that the connection of design and everyday life works very well: Lina Marie Köppen. After graduating from the AMD Hamburg, Germany, Lina moves to the highly renowned Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands, where she developed a highly conceptual approach of work. Influenced by topics and rituals of use from the everyday life and theories of the philosophy of philosophers like Rudolf Steiner and others, Lina creates projects which are driven by more than just surface styling.


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