Eylure False Lashes-Review and Photos

3 Wonderful sets of lashes from Eylure each are amazing in their own way!

First up are these Katy Perry Darling Lashes by Eylure $6.99 at Ulta or Eylure.com
*Safe for Contact Lenses
*Self Adhesive

These are wonderful lashes, they give a great finishing touch to any eye look. I love to put on lashes sometimes just because they are fun and look great. Trust me the next time you are feeling down, put a pair of these lashes on and you will immediately feel better heh. The self adhesive works amazingly well, and I was worried that they may not last like ones with lash glue. I was wrong and they hold on, and last throughout the night.

Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes by Eylure in Ka Ching $7.99 at Ulta or Eylure.com
*Ultra LightWeight
*Quick and Easy
*Safe for Contact Lenses
*Lash Glue Included

I love all lashes, it's just my inner Dolly Parton that draws me to them. I just want you to know that these lashes are AHMAZING! Look at them, you cannot go another second without owning a pair of these. They have several different shades, and there are also apparently individual pink lashes(I know). They are fabulous and the moment you put them on if you want to start doing your best Beyonce (or Katy Perry) impression, don't hold back.

(images from google images)

Naturalites by Eylure in style 032 $5.99 at Ulta or Eylure.com
*Natural Volume
Now these are lashes that I would use on a bride. I do have several different sets of Eylure lashes in my kit for brides. These are great for everyday to give you that fuller look without the "fake" lash look. I have always used the adhesive that was included on my brides and myself and never had any issues. I have never had any issues with the lashes falling off or the glue not holding. I think Eylure has an amazing range of lashes for everyone.

Be sure to check out http://www.eylure.com/
Follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/EylureOfficial


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